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Safety Kicks

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Safety Kicks USA - The sleekest and most durable steel-toe safety shoes

Built To Last


Talk about going above and beyond. Not only is the product exceptional but apparently the customer services as well. I work in the movie industry in Hollywood California so lightweight sturdy durable shoes are a must and these are going to start taking my industry by storm. Thank you so much again for your time and generosity I look forward to wearing the shoes for many years to come. If there are any online forums you would like me to write a review about your shoes and company I would love to do so thanks again!🤘🏻

Anthony S.

I bought these shoes to try and alleviate the pain of wearing LARGE/BULKY boots every where at work. I work in a construction zone and safety is key. These shoes help me stay comfortable, safe, and I think they look really good too! Highly recommend.

Emily S.

Bought these shoes for my husband who is INCREDIBLY hard on the shoes he wears and he LOVES them! Thank you for making such a great product!

Courtney B.